Standard MapsIndoors Map Style

MapsIndoors solutions come with a default map style that balances ease of reading with visual appeal. This style is standard with every map we provide. You also have the option to customize this style to better suit your specific requirements.

Rendering Options

The standard map style can be rendered in the four following ways to suit various application requirements:

  1. 2D Without Models (base map providers: Google, Mapbox)

  1. 2D With Models (base map providers: Google, Mapbox)

  1. 3D Without Models (base map provider: Mapbox only)

  1. 3D With Models (base map provider: Mapbox only)

Outdoor decoration

If you want more details on the outdoor surroundings of your indoor map, we also have ways to make that happen. Here are your options:

Using Google base map

We can draw on top of Google Maps to create custom outdoors for your map. Here's an example of a parking lot:

Here's how that looks without our custom drawing:

Using Mapbox base map

We don't draw custom land when using the Mapbox base map, but instead place items such as bushes, trees, stones, etc., as 2D models.

And when using Mapbox 3D, trees and other environmental items are a part of the base map. If more is wished, you can always add more using 3D models.

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