iOS Version Requirements

MapsIndoors iOS SDK v4 requires at least iOS 14 and Xcode 15.

[4.3.13] 2024-05-14


  • Added Graphic Label support (Mapbox only)


  • Bug where icons with a badge applied (either due to display rule badging or LiveData) would cause the icon to be flipped.

  • Issue with LiveData not working on certain solutions.

[4.3.12] 2024-05-07


  • Issue with wrongfully calculated map viewport, when using a Mapbox view which does not occupy the entire screen space.

  • Issue where the selected building could rapidly change between nil and the actual current building, when moving the camera.

[4.3.11] 2024-05-03


  • Large memory usage on certain customer solutions with 2D models, which was introduced in 4.3.10

  • The route polyline not being completely removed when calling clear() on the MPDirectionsRenderer instance, on Mapbox.

[4.3.10] 2024-04-30


  • Added MPCameraViewFitMode.none option to have the camera not change position, rotation and zoom when rendering a new route.


  • Invalid keys in Privacy Manifest.

  • When using Selective Venue Loading, too much data about buildings would be loaded. Now only the data for buildings in the selected venues is loaded.

  • A number of potential crashes removed.


  • Updated to Google Maps 8.4.0 which in turn raises the minimum required iOS version to iOS 14.

[4.3.9] 2024-04-17


  • Ability to disable the automatic selection of Buildings and/or Floors when moving the map around. Use MPMapControl.buildingSelectionMode and MPMapControl.floorSelectionMode to control the behavior.

  • Ability to toggle rendering of map features on and off. Use MPMapControl.hiddenFeatures to control what should be visible on your map.

  • The MapsIndoors SDK now includes a Privacy Manifest as described by Apple in Upcoming third-party SDK requirements.

  • Each XCFramework in the MapsIndoors SDK is now signed so you can be sure it originates from MapsPeople.


  • The MPSelectionBehavior.zoomToFit is now properly respected.

  • The built-in Floor Selector would sometimes not update to show the correct floor. It does now.


  • Rendering order of 3D Extruded Walls (only Mapbox) has changed slightly so outlines from neighboring rooms do not show through the walls.

  • Updated to Mapbox 10.17.0.

[4.3.8] 2024-03-25


  • Fixed issue with locationsWith(externalIds:) not reliably returning locations.

  • Applying User Roles would not always be respected.


  • Changed tap behavior on rendered map features. Now only visible features are tappable, whereas before invisible geometries could be tapped.

[4.3.7] 2024-03-21


  • Crash in locationsWith(externalIds:) removed.

[4.3.6] 2024-03-20


  • Search with MPQuery now respects all properties again.

  • Plugged a number of major memory leaks.

[4.3.5] 2024-03-07


  • Updated to Mapbox 10.16.4

  • No longer depends on MapboxDirections Cocoapod.


  • Significantly reduced risk of race conditions during SDK load, which would make MapsIndoors appear as not loading at all.

  • An issue where polygon geometries are not clickable under certain circumstances.

[4.3.4] 2024-03-05

Retracted due to build issues. Replaced by 4.3.5.

[4.3.3] 2024-02-23


  • A Location would not be selectable if the icon is not visible.

  • Label behavior on Mapbox when there is no icon, and only a label (the label will center on the anchor point).

[4.3.2] 2024-02-14


  • Issue where some polygons would not render, using Google Maps.

  • The selectable property on locations would not always be respected.


  • locationSettings property on MPLocation, MPType and MPSolutionConfig.

[4.3.1] 2024-02-13


  • Extended zoom for Mapbox is now properly applied.

  • Icons for some map solutions are now crisper.


  • The compass on Mapbox is no longer hidden by the SDK, so the app will have to do that.

  • Selection of locations now behaves as on Android and Web.

[4.3.0] 2024-02-02


  • Due to the introduction of the new selected display rule, there has been a behavior change in the default visualization of selected locations. The old behavior can be re-enabled by MPMapsIndoors.shared.solution?.config.newSelection = false. Or the new selection display rule may be retrieved and altered using MPMapsIndoors.shared.displayRuleFor(displayRuleType: .selection).


  • Two new Display Rule Types: highlight and selected. With these Display Rules it is possible to define how Locations should look when selected or highlighted.

  • The highlight Display Rule contains a number of badge properties that can be used to define the badge that will be shown when using this Display Rule.

  • A new MPHighlightBehavior that determines how the result of applying a highlight should be displayed on the map.

  • setHighlight(filter:behavior:) and setHighlight(locations:behavior:) to highlight Locations on the map, making use of the new highlight Display Rule type.

  • Support for two new types of labels: Text and Flat! (only Mapbox).

  • Added new labelStyle section to Display Rules where you can style (only Mapbox):

    • labelType: Label type displayed on the map, either Text or Flat

    • labelStyleTextSize: Controls the size of the label

    • labelStyleTextColor: Controls the color of the label

    • labelStyleTextOpacity: Controls the opacity of the label

    • labelStyleHaloColor: Controls the color of the halo effect around the label

    • labelStyleHaloWidth: Width of the halo effect around the label

    • labelStyleHaloBlur: Controls the blur effect of the halo effect

    • labelStyleBearing: Only applicable when Flat Label type is selected. Controls bearing of the Flat Label

  • Selective Venue Loading. If your Solution contains many Venues it is now possible to only load a subset of Venues, using e.g. load(apiKey:venueIds:), or changing the set of loaded Venues with venuesToSync, addVenuesToSync(venueIds:) and removeVenuesToSync(venueIds:).

  • It is now possible to programmatically override the Display Rule for floors, buildings and venues, to show them with e.g. a colored polygon.


  • MPDirectionsService.routingWith(query:) no longer returns a nil-route, instead throwing an error.

  • MPMapsIndoors.shared.locationsWith(externalIds:) no longer returns an empty result if called immediately after loading MapsIndoors.

[4.2.14] 2024-01-31


  • Fixed a bug that could lead to either no route or a crash when used from Flutter or React Native.

[4.2.13] 2023-12-19


  • excludeWayTypes added to MPDirectionsQuery. This allows for excluding certain MPHighWay types from a route query, to ensure the way type is not part of the returned route. This differs from avoidWayTypes, which discourages certain way types.


  • Fixed case where the blue dot could be rendered below tiles, on Mapbox.

  • Fixed route start/end marker sizing.

[4.2.12] 2023-12-07


  • Improved directions rendering camera behavior. The map view's safeAreaInsets are now respected when padding is applied, and camera movements are performed.

[4.2.11] 2023-12-06


  • Default logging level is changed to info from error. This does not produce much more logging – it only allows the iOS SDK version to be output on startup.


  • Fixed potential crash when (un)subscribing to Live Data topics.

  • Fixed issue where details about a route using transit did not show.

  • Fixed issue where some icons would be shown too large.

  • MPMapControlDelegate.didTap(coordinate:) is now called with correct latitude and longitude for tapped point.

  • The Directions Renderer no longer shows remains of the previous route leg.

[4.2.10] 2023-11-23


  • Fixed potential race condition, which could result in missing tiles until the floor index is changed.

[4.2.9] 2023-11-22


  • Fixed missing or slow loading 2D models, and improved general performance and stability of 2D models usage (most notably on Google Maps).

  • Fixed issue with missing or simplified route geometry.

  • Fixed potential race condition that would result in a map with MapsIndoors tiles, but otherwise no MapsIndoors content showing.

[4.2.8] 2023-11-10


  • Property mapsIndoorsZoom added to MPMapControl. This exposes the zoom level MapsIndoors is working with to resolve e.g. zoomFrom and zoomTo in Display Rules.

  • Property logLevel added to MPLog to allow changing the amount of logs from MapsIndoors. The default log level has been changed from debug to error resulting in many fewer log messages from MapsIndoors.


  • In rare cases Google Maps would show the default red markers instead of MapsIndoors icons for Locations. This is no longer the case.


  • When Locations with large and small areas are close together MapsIndoors now prioritizes the smaller Location when user tap the map.

  • MapsIndoors XCFrameworks are now built with Xcode 15.

[4.2.7] 2023-10-23


  • Reduced the number of network calls leading to better performance in many cases.

  • MPDirectionsRenderer now works actually fits the route according to fitMode on Google Maps.

  • The default floor selector would sometimes miss detecting a floor change. No more of that.

[4.2.6] 2023-10-09


  • Map rendering with Mapbox is no longer crashing after short usage.

  • LiveData is now always active, even for visibly small areas.

  • Labels and icons no longer risk being shown overlapped on a Mapbox map.

  • 2D and 3D Models are now visible when extruded walls are shown.

  • Routes between MapsIndoors Venues or from outside to inside a Venue can now be generated when using Mapbox.


  • setMapLabelFont now has optional parameters with default values (only usable from Swift).

  • Updated Mapbox version from 10.15.0 to 10.16.1.

[4.2.5] 2023-09-22


  • Ability to render an entire floor geometry (only when data is available).

  • Property showLegLabel to MPDirectionsRenderer.


  • The building outline styling is now controlled by a display rule configurable in the CMS - the default selected building outline has therefore changed from pink-ish to blue. If you have previously made steps to programmatically modify the building outline display rule in your application, your changes are still applied and respected.


  • Issue where some positional LiveData updates would not be reflected, when using the convenient interface enableLiveData(...) on MPMapControl.

  • Crash happening when attempting to query a route with try await MPMapsIndoors.shared.directionsService.routingWith(...) from Swift.

  • Small UI issue where the default floor selector's scoll bar could flash.

  • Issue with north aligned camera movement not always being respected.

[4.2.4] 2023-08-31


  • Set user roles async/await with MPMapsIndoors.shared.apply(userRoles: [MPUserRole])


  • Building selection logic is now run when MapControl is instantiated - previously the camera would need to move to do this initially

  • Positional LiveData POIs are now rendered when their LiveData provided position is inside the viewport, but their original position is outside the viewport

  • Blue dot rendering issue where it would rotate with the camera

  • Map padding issue with Google Maps

  • The optional callback function on enableLiveData(domain: String, listener: ((MPLiveUpdate) -> Void)?) is now invoked when updates of the subscribed domain are received

  • Potentially incorrect routing instruction strings

  • Issue with Google Maps where two or more buildings may be highlighted simultaneously

  • Issue with Google Maps where default marker (red pin) may be shown on POIs

  • Issue with Google Maps where the MPCameraViewFitMode was not always respected

  • Updated Mapbox version from 10.14.0 to 10.15.0

[4.2.2] 2023-08-09


  • Routes between MapsIndoors venues now have descriptions in the currnet language.

  • DisplayRules now supports unlimited zoom levels. The feature will be available in the MapsIndoors CMS soon.

  • MPSelectionBehavior now has the zoomToFit property.


  • Setting the icon property of a DisplayRule now works as expected.

  • Fixed an issue with map items not showing immediately, only when map was moved slightly (Google Maps).

  • Fixed an issue that would cause MapsIndoors tiles to disappear when moving the map (Mapbox Maps).

  • The rendered route is now shown above polygons, e.g. for Locations (Google Maps).

  • Fixed an issue that could cause multiple buildings to have an outline (Google Maps).

  • The button at the end of a rendered route leg is now clickable.

  • 2D Models will no longer be at risk of being obstructed by Location polygons (Mapbox Maps).

  • Corrected rendering of Live Data Occupancy badges.

[4.2.1] 2023-06-29


  • Rendering related crash when using Mapbox

[4.2.0] 2023-06-29


  • Support for 3D models on Mapbox (beta feature)


  • Loading performance improved

  • Loading bug fixed where the SDK would fail to load if any url resource returned >400 http codes

  • Rendering issue with flashing polygons in Mapbox

  • Rendering issue with wrong polygon ordering in Mapbox

  • Building selection logic bug where it was undetermined which building in view was selected - it is now the center most building

  • Improved MapsIndoors POI rendering with Google Maps

  • Improved overall rendering performance with Mapbox

  • Upgraded Mapbox version to 10.14.0

  • Fixed missing “next leg”-behavior when tapping the end marker of a route leg

  • Fixed issue with wrong rendering of badged icons, when using the default LiveData handling

[4.1.4] 2023-06-23


  • Support for external location data sources using register() has been restored.

[4.1.3] 2023-06-07


  • The haloWidth parameter of setMapLabelFont() now renders on Google Maps as well.

  • The polygonStrokeWidth property of a DisplayRule is now being respected.

  • The info window on Google Maps is shown at the correct position.

[4.1.2] 2023-06-01


  • MPMapControlDelegate has been enhanced to enable listening to camera movements.


  • The iconSize property of a DisplayRule is now being respected, so icons show up with the intended size.

  • MPCustomFloorSelector has been rewired, allowing users to personalize the floor selection.

  • Map padding is now available for Mapbox, allowing users to adjust the spacing around the map.

  • The background color and solid color of a rendered route can now be customized.

  • The halo effect on labels is now available for use, enhancing the visual appearance of labels.

  • MPMapControl.setFilter() no longer crashes.

[4.1.1] 2023-05-23


  • The MapsIndoorsMapbox Cocoapod now uses the correct version of Mapbox

[4.1.0] 2023-05-17


  • Mapbox version now 10.13.1 which adds:

    • Extrusions of Walls and Rooms


  • Multi-line label cut-off

  • Marker missing when selecting location

  • Clustering icon size fix

  • Mapbox 10.13.1 fixes some Layers glitching

  • Fixed some known bugs

[4.0.3] 2023-04-21



  • Icons are now respecting zoom levels in Display Rules

  • Labels are now respecting zoom levels in Display Rules inherited from the Location Type

  • MPMapControl.hideFloorSelector now actually hides the floor selector

[4.0.2] 2023-04-13


  • A number of rendering issues have been corrected.

  • An issue that could prevent a route from being correctly created.

[4.0.1] 2023-04-05


  • Fixed crash with Mapbox when panning around the map.

[4.0.0] 2023-03-31

Version 4 of the MapsIndoors SDK has changed significantly compared to version 3. There is a migration guide that describes the changes.


  • Support for new map providers

    • MapsIndoors can now be used with the Mapbox v10 SDK.

  • goTo(entity:)

    • A new method for moving the camera to MapsIndoors locations, this new method goTo() can be used with any class that implements MPEntity, which includes but is not limited to MPLocation, MPFloor, and MPBuilding.

  • Solution Config

    • The SDK now supports the Solution Config.

    • This also introduces the new Main Display Rule, which is bundled into the solution config, along with collision handling and clustering.

  • New Cocoapods

    • The main Cocoapod to use is either MapsIndoorsGoogleMaps or MapsIndoorsMapbox depending on the map engine to use.

      • Both of these Cocoapods are dependent on the MapsIndoors and MapsIndoorsCore Cocoapods and will automatically include them.

      • Most classes in MapsIndoorsCore are public but meant for communication between the core SDK and map platform specific code. These classes are not described in the reference docs. Refrain from using these classes unless you know what you are doing.


  • Initialisation of MapsIndoors

    • The interface to initiate the SDK is improved for smaller and safer implementations.

    • Initialise MapsIndoors with MPMapsIndoors.shared.load(apiKey: "YOUR_MAPSINDOORS_API_KEY")

  • Initialization of MapControl

    • In order to support multiple map engines an MPMapConfig is needed.

    • The MPMapConfig is then used to create a MapControl: let mapControl = MPMapsIndoors.createMapControl(mapConfig: mapConfig).

  • Display Rules

    • Display Rules have been reworked completely.

    • Display Rules are now reference based, thus any changes to a rule are instantaneous.

    • Display Rules can be reset with reset(). This will return the display rule to the state it has in the CMS.

  • The iOS SDK Reference Docs have been modernised and are now available at https://app.mapsindoors.com/mapsindoors/reference/ios/v4-doc/documentation/mapsindoors/

  • Many interface changes. See migration guide for help in migrating from MapsIndoors SDK v3.

  • Minimum iOS version supported is iOS 13.

  • Required Xcode version is Xcode 14.

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