Location Clustering

This is an example of enabling and disabling location clustering on the map as well as providing custom cluster tapping behaviour and custom cluster images.

Enabling and disabling clustering is done through the SolutionConfig, in the following way:

//Enabling clustering
//Disabling clustering

To create custom icons for clusters you can set a MPClusterIconAdapter either on the MPMapConfig when you are creating a new instance of MapControl or you can do it on runtime by setting a MPClusterIconAdapter directly on a MapControl object. Here is an example of doing it when creating a new MapControl:

private fun initMapControl(view: View) {
    val mapConfig: MPMapConfig = MPMapConfig.Builder(requireActivity(), mMap!!, getString(R.string.google_maps_key), view, true).setClusterIconAdapter { return@setClusterIconAdapter getCircularImageWithText(it.size.toString(), 15, 30, 30) }.build()
    MapControl.create(mapConfig) { mapControl: MapControl?, miError: MIError? -> }
private fun getCircularImageWithText(text: String, textSize: Int, width: Int, height: Int): Bitmap {
    val background = Paint()
    background.color = Color.WHITE
    // Now add the icon on the left side of the background rect
    val result = Bitmap.createBitmap(width, height, Bitmap.Config.ARGB_8888)
    val canvas = Canvas(result)
    val radius = width shr 1
    canvas.drawCircle(radius.toFloat(), radius.toFloat(), radius.toFloat(), background)
    background.color = Color.BLACK
    background.style = Paint.Style.STROKE
    background.strokeWidth = 3f
    canvas.drawCircle(radius.toFloat(), radius.toFloat(), (radius - 2).toFloat(), background)
    val tp = TextPaint()
    tp.textSize = textSize.toFloat()
    tp.color = Color.BLACK
    val bounds = Rect()
    tp.getTextBounds(text, 0, text.length, bounds)
    val textHeight: Int = bounds.height()
    val textWidth: Int = bounds.width()
    val textPosX = width - textWidth shr 1
    val textPosY = height + textHeight shr 1
    canvas.drawText(text, textPosX.toFloat(), textPosY.toFloat(), tp)
    return result

Applying a ClusterIconAdapter on runtime can be done like this:

mMapControl.setClusterIconAdapter {
    return@setClusterIconAdapter getCircularImageWithText(it.size.toString(), 15, 30, 30)

See the sample in LocationClusteringFragment.kt

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