User Roles

In the CMS, there are different levels of users, which affects what you have access to. For example, an "Admin" user can access Solution-level settings, whereas an "Editor" primarily can create and edit Locations on the Map.

This documentation is written with an Admin user level in mind.

  • Administrator - Administrators have full access to all menu points and options in this guide.

  • Editor - Editors have more limited access than Administrators, being limited to creating new Locations alongside editing and deleting existing Locations. This gives you access to the following tools:

    • Add POI - Creates a Point of Interest by clicking on the Map. Afterwards, it opens an editor where Location details can be adjusted.

    • Add Area - Creates an Area by clicking on the Map to create corners of a polygon. Afterwards, it opens an editor where Area details can be adjusted.

    • All Display Filter options.

    • The following Location Editor Options:

      • Type - Locations must have a Type applied, which can be set in the Location details editor. When creating a new Location, some settings are inherited from the selected Type, e.g., Name and Icon. You can always change the inherited settings to something else if necessary.

      • Name & Description - Type in the name of your Location and a Description. Entering it in the default language is mandatory, but you also have the option to enter it in alternative languages.

      • Categories - Add which, if any, Categories this Location belongs to.

      • External ID - You can define an External ID that a Location should use alongside its internal ID.

      • Area - Choose the rotation of the Area the Location covers.

      • Search - Other search terms can be searched and still return this Location, even if it does not match the Name, Type, or Category.

      • Restrictions - Determine which, if any, App User Role Restrictions this Location should be subject to.

      • Visibility - If your Location is only displayed and searchable for a given period, you can define that here.

      • Image - Assign an image to be used for this Location.

      • Custom Properties - MapsIndoors supports Custom Properties, defined by key-value pairs.

      • Details - Select which Building and Floor this Location should belong to.

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