Display Rules in Practice

Display Rules for the Web SDK v4

There are two ways to change the appearance of the map content in MapsIndoors:

  • Using Display Rules.

  • Using Google Maps or Mapbox styling.

Each has its own purpose which will be explained below.

To get an overview of what Display Rules are and can be used for, read the Display Rules page first.

Changing the Appearance when the User clicks on a Location

let selectedPOI;
mapsIndoors.addListener("click", function (poi) {
    if (selectedPOI) {
        mapsIndoors.setDisplayRule(selectedPOI.id, null);

    mapsIndoors.setDisplayRule(poi.id, {
        iconSize: { width: 30, height: 30 },

    selectedPOI = poi;

Change the Label for All Locations for the Type PRINTER

mapsIndoors.setDisplayRule('PRINTER',  {
    label: "{{ "Printer: {{ name " }}}}"

Change the Label for a single, specific Location

mapsIndoors.setDisplayRule('c66dccd480624c428ea5b78d',  {
    label: "{{ "Printer: {{ name " }}}}"

Apply the Same Display Rule to Multiple Locations

mapsIndoors.setDisplayRule(['c66dccd480624c428ea5b780', 'c66dccd480624c428ea5b79c','c66dccd480624c428ea5b76a', ...], {
    icon: "https://app.mapsindoors.com/mapsindoors/cms/assets/icons/building-icons/printer.png"

Reset the Display Rule Back to Default

mapsIndoors.setDisplayRule('PRINTER', null);
mapsIndoors.setDisplayRule('c66dccd480624c428ea5b78d', null);
mapsIndoors.setDisplayRule(['c66dccd480624c428ea5b780', 'c66dccd480624c428ea5b79c','c66dccd480624c428ea5b76a', ...], null);

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