Wayfinding is a critical component of your indoor map solution enabling efficient route calculations and optimal navigation within indoor spaces.

MapsIndoors’ wayfinding functionality is a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates local and global maps, considers various travel modes, utilizes entry points for smooth transitions, and breaks down routes into logical legs and steps, ultimately enhancing navigation and user satisfaction.

Key elements to dig into when enabling wayfinding in your MapsIndoors solution are:

Outdoor to indoor navigation Turn-by-turn directions visualized on the map with estimated travel time and detailed descriptions.

Venue to Venue wayfinding

When you're getting routes between two of your own MapsIndoors venues and may require using public routes from Google Maps or Mapbox to get there.

Dynamic routes Automated route updates based on obstacles like furniture and changing floor plan layout.

Personalized routes User profiles allow for personalized guidance, based on what the user is allowed to see and where they are allowed to navigate. Getting the right people to the right destinations.

Accessible wayfinding Allow users with disabilities to effortlessly navigate your building by avoiding stairs and using elevators and ramps for navigation.

All the guidance is here for you. Happy wayfinding!

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