3D Models

3D Models in your MapsIndoors solution are uploaded and managed through the Media Library just like 2D Models and Icons. However, due to the nature of 3D Models, there are a few additional steps to manage, particularly when uploading your 3D Model. 3D Models can be uploaded to the Media Libray in .glb file format.

Set Preview Image

Most notably, when you upload a new 3D model to the Media Library, you will be asked to set a preview image. This opens a viewport where you can move and rotate your 3D model, to determine what image will be shown as a preview when browsing the Media Library, and in other locations in the CMS where an image of the 3D model is shown.

  1. The widget you use to move your model. In this image, it is set to "Move", but will look differently when set to "Rotate".

  2. Toggle between "Move" and "Rotate".

  3. Zoom your viewport.

  4. Enter values for rotation instead of using the widget.

  5. Reset either the camera position, model rotation or model placement to the default values.

Lastly, when changes have been made, you can choose to "Discard" or "Save" your changes in the popup in the bottom of the window.

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