Searching the map and making sure you are able to find what you need is crucial for users navigating complex indoor spaces. Search functionality on an indoor map is a critical component for improving navigation, efficiency, and overall user satisfaction.

Depending on your solution and use case, search can come into play in different ways. It could be specific locations, points of interest, or services within the indoor space, like enabling users to search for a meeting room, a desk, a booth, a coffee, an elevator, anything.

In MapsIndoors, searching is a crucial element of user interaction, allowing users to discover locations and filter map displays for a tailored experience. The search functionality covers all MapsIndoors geodata, and customization options are available to create a search experience that aligns with your specific use case.

Key features of the searching functionality include:

  • Filters for Precision

  • Search Result Ranking

  • Displaying Search Results

  • Clearing Filters

  • List Presentation

Overall, the search mechanism in MapsIndoors prioritizes proximity, text matching, and geodata type to provide users with relevant and ranked results. The flexibility to customize the search experience and the ability to present results in both map and list formats are built to contribute to a user-friendly and adaptable indoor mapping solution.

We’ve lined up all the guidance you need for getting the best out of MapsIndoors’ search functionality. Enjoy.

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