Getting Started

An introduction on how to get started with the Map Template project. Read the guide or watch our web developer Andreea implement it live!

Node version

We recommend using the latest LTS version of Node.js.

1. Getting Started

Using a terminal/shell in the project folder, run the following commands:

  • Clone the repository to your development environment. You can use SSH or HTTPS to clone the repository, depending on which one you are more familiar with.

git clone
  • Inside the project folder root, install all dependencies and build with Lerna:

npm install && npx lerna run build
  • Move to the packages/map-template directory and run the app:

npm run start

Now open the app served on http://localhost:3000/.

2. Add Google Maps API Keys or Mapbox Access Tokens

Rename .env.example, to .env and add either of the keys (or both) to that file, and the maps will load properly.

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