[3.13.22] 2023-03-09


  • Updated MapsPeople watermark

[3.13.21] 2023-01-10


  • Fixed issue where destroying MapControl could result in a crash

[3.13.20] 2023-01-02


  • Fixed issue where tiles would not render when map is loaded

[3.13.19] 2022-07-20


  • Re-introduced old overlap strategy where the entire marker would be made invisible if it overlapped another.

    • Use mapControl.setMarkerIndependentIconLabel(false) to enable it.


  • Fixed issue where older devices would be unable to connect to MapsIndoors services

  • Fixed issue where reload would cause markers to ignore location specific rules

  • Fixed crash that could occur when destroying mapcontrol

  • Fixed issue where rendering would seem to stop, only to resume a while later

[3.13.18] 2022-06-25


  • Fixed rare occurrence where the camera would move to the other side of the world during routing

[3.13.17] 2022-06-24


  • Fixed rare issue where routing to entry points might fail

  • Fixed issue where icons would not update automatically

[3.13.16] 2022-06-23


  • Fixed sometimes deleted PolygonDisplayRule would leave behind a Polygon on the map that could not be removed

[3.13.15] 2022-06-14


  • getDisplayRule(MPLocation) on MapControl would return null, even when a display rule exists for the location

[3.13.14] 2022-06-10


  • Fixed issue with markers sometimes not appearing, on a fresh app install

  • Fixed issue with overriding PolygonDisplayRule not being reflected on the map

[3.13.13] 2022-06-07


  • Fixed issue with contextual route rendering, where a crash would occur if no available marker icon was found.

  • Fixed crash where BitmapDescriptorFactory would cause various memory related runtime exceptions under rare circumstances

[3.13.12] 2022-05-11


  • Issue with MapControl.onStart() being called before initialization

  • Issue with rendering locations containing polygon display rules that was not an area

  • A memory leak when calling MapControl.onDestroy()

[3.13.11] 2022-04-21


  • Issue with tint on shared drawables

  • Stability fixes

[3.13.10] 2022-04-12


  • Interface for querying distance matrix services using getDistanceMatrix() on MPRoutingProvider


  • Various bugs and crashes

[3.13.9] 2022-04-01


  • Crash where the SDK would potentially execute on the wrong thread when modifying display rules

[3.13.8] 2022-03-31


  • Crash where large marker icons would exceed the device's OpenGL max texture size limit

[3.13.7] 2022-03-17


  • Fixed issue with category filter not being respected on MPFilter

  • Minor security additions

  • Fixed issue with setTileSize() not working

[3.13.6] 2022-03-08


  • Added isInitialized() to MPDataSetCacheManager to check whether it has been initialized


  • Toned down rendering frequency in some cases

  • Introduced a number of stability fixes

[3.13.5] 2022-03-02


  • Fixed SDK not syncing correctly after calling MapsIndoors.synchronizeContent() if App User Roles have been applied

  • Fixed SDK routing not working with restricted Google API keys

  • Fixed clusters sometimes showing incorrect number of clustered locations

[3.13.4] 2022-02-21


  • Added Venue.hasGraph() which checks whether the venue has a valid routing graph configured


  • Fixed App User Roles not syncing correctly, leading to unexpected behavior

[3.13.3] 2022-02-16


  • Optimized inital rendering of new Markers

  • User roles set on MapsIndoors are now implicitly applied to directions, unless explicitly set on MPRoutingProvider


  • Deprecated MapControl.unbindFromMap()


  • Fixed issue where MapControl.init()'s listener was invoked too soon

[3.13.2] 2022-02-10


  • Fixed an issue where markers may not show on the map on subsequent loading of the same API key

  • Fixed an issue with MapControl.setApiKey() where the onLoadingReadyListener would never be invoked

[3.13.1] 2022-02-09


  • Fixed crash that occurs when calling MapControl.onDestroy() multiple times

  • Fixed crash due to markers being removed before changes could be applied to them

[3.13.0] 2022-02-09


  • Tweaked how bitmaps are stored in the SDK to lower retained memory size

    • Reduced heap size by up to 90% depending on solution configuration

  • Tweaked area rendering to improve rendering performance

  • MapsIndoors.setGoogleAPIKey() can now be called before MapsIndoors.Initialize()

  • Improved SDK stability when receiving unknown HTTP responses


  • Deprecated MPRoutingProvider.queryMultipleDestinations()

  • Deprecated RouteStep.addSteps()

    • Use RouteStep.setSteps() instead


  • Fixed memory leak

  • Fixed issue that caused SDK to crash when launched in offline mode

  • Fixed issue where receiving a HTTP 500 response crashed the SDK

  • Fixed crash that could occur when selecting specific locations

  • Fixed issue that caused the SDK to not show proper tiles in some cases

  • Various fixes and improvements

[3.12.6] 2022-01-19


  • Fixed issue where map padding was not always applied when changed on runtime

  • Fixed issue with a internal library conflicting with newer versions of firebase libraries

  • Fixed issue with custom images on locations not being applied on load

  • Fixed crash appearing when frequently reloading solutions

[3.12.5] 2022-01-07


  • Fixed behavior where no tiles are shown

  • Fixed issue with external routes choosing the wrong entry point

  • Various crashes

[3.12.4] 2021-12-21


  • Fixed a potential crash when changing API keys rapidly

  • Fixed tiles not being rendered

  • Fixed caching issue with images

[3.12.3] 2021-12-15


  • Added MPConstants, which in this first iteration exposes a number of constants related to Z-index levels on the google map


  • Upped target SDK version to 31 (Android 12)

  • Made changes to rendering such that the contents of the map are updated more often


  • Deprecated MPDatasetCacheManager.getConcurrentTaskLimit()

  • Deprecated MPDatasetCacheManager.setConcurrentTaskLimits()


  • Fixed issues with linebreaks

  • Fixed issue where the floor selector was unremoveable

  • Fixed manifest issue that was blocking use of the SDK in Android 12 apps

  • Fixed issue where the SDK continued to be 'ready' for a short period after setting user roles

  • Fixed an issue where MPQuery.setNear() ignored the Z-index of the parameter

  • Fixed an issue where initializing the SDK with an invalid API key would lock it

  • Various minor fixes

[3.12.2] 2021-12-07


  • Added getTranslatedName() to POIType, which can get the name of a type in plaintext in the correct language

  • Added getLatLngBounds() to Route


  • Route.getWaypoint_order()


  • Fixed crash from adding a listener to the LiveDataManager

  • Fixed crash where icons did not have a valid resource

  • Fixed FloorSelector sometimes not being visible

  • Fixed bug that showed wrong directions when changing floors

  • Fixed bug where searching for a specific location could include all available locations

  • Fixed issue where cache was deleted from SDK before sync was initiated

  • Fixed rare NPE that could occur when switching solutions

  • Fixed Various other bugs and crashes

[3.12.1] 2021-11-24


  • Fixed issue where LocationSource was Available before it was completely updated

  • Various minor fixes

[3.12.0] 2021-11-23


  • Icon and labels are now handled independently

    • Icons and labels are now separate entities when computing overlaps/collisions

    • Icons and labels can now be shown/hidden at different zoom levels, according to the display rule

  • Contextual routing information

    • Now able to allow for context taken from nearby POI's of a given type, using the MPDirectionsRenderer

  • Support for authentication

    • Added interface to support single side sign-on from OpenIDConnect providers by setting tokens, which will allow access to otherwise restricted MapsIndoors API keys

  • User authenticated booking

    • Revised booking interface to set a token, in order to allow for booking on user calenders


  • Significant improvements to loading performance

  • Fixed issue where on marker click event was not forwarded properly to Google Maps

  • Fixed rare issue where MapControl may never invoke the set listener, upon initialization (OnLoadingDataReadyListener)

  • Fixed issue where markers may be retained on the map, when changing floors

  • Various minor fixes

[3.11.2] 2021-11-5


  • setLocationHideOnIconOverlapEnabled can now be toggled dynamically


  • setLabelMaxWidth now takes DP (Device-independent Pixels) instead of actual pixels in its parameter


  • Files being deleted outside of scope

[3.11.1] 2021-10-29


  • Potential crash when initializing large solutions

  • Tiles are now rendering with improved resolution

  • Memory leaks

[3.11.0] 2021-10-27


  • Support for obstacle avoidance zones in routing

  • Static method on MapsIndoors to disable internal SDK event logging

  • Support for 'ladder' highways

  • Icons for ramps, wheelchair ramps and wheelchair lifts

  • 'Go to previous leg' behavior added on start marker of a routing line

  • Line breaking ability for marker labels. Line breaks can now be enforced manually with '\n' in location names or automated to wrap based on a set labelWidth. (Currently only accessible though overriding LocationDisplayRules)


  • Wait times reflected correctly when using offline routing

  • Search results are now naturally ordered

  • Various loading & SDK initialization issues

  • Various route directions rendering glitches

  • Various crashes and issues

[3.10.3] 2021-09-21


  • Crash on file reads with external library.

  • Fixed bug with Areas sometimes not being rendered correctly.

[3.10.2] 2021-09-13


  • MapsIndoors now triggers as ready when Locations are loaded.


  • Issue with setApiKey loading new Solutions. You can now switch between Solutions again by calling setAPIKey, and initializing a new MapControl object.

  • Applying PolygonDisplayRules on Locations that does not have Polygon geometry no longer causes a crash

  • Issue with Tiles not loading, if a custom Floor Selector is implemented

  • Using near on MPQuery now gives a better ordering in the list in terms of what is near the set location

  • Various bug fixes and stability issues

[3.10.1] 2021-09-08


  • Fixed a rare null pointer exception crash related to area polygon display rules rendering

[3.10.0] 2021-08-19


  • The MapsIndoors SDK records anonymous usage statistics and diagnostic events per default (if enabled in the CMS) and sends the logged data to a server at MapsPeople. Logging may be disabled entirely by calling MapsIndoors.disableEventLogging(true) on the SDK.


  • Deprecated MapsIndoors.setOnMapsIndoorsReadyListener(onReadyListener). Use MapsIndoors.addOnMapsIndoorsReadyListener(onReadyListener) instead.


  • Polygon DisplayRules can now be applied to all Locations with a polygon, not just Areas

  • Live Data badges now correctly scale according to the device's pixel density

  • Various bug fixes and stability issues

[3.9.2] 2021-06-21


  • Fixed rare null pointer crash on MPImageProvider

  • Fixed issue with down-scoping datasets to basic scope, upon synchronizing

[3.9.1] 2021-06-10


  • Routing animation no longer flashes when being animated

  • The MapsPeople logo now shows when using a FragmentActivity

  • Fixed a certificate issue with lower Android APIs making Live Data and Tiles unavailable

  • Selected Locations are now shown, even if another Location was overlapping it with setLocationHideOnIconOverlapEnabled

  • Various bug fixes and stability issues


  • Added two new Domain Types with default renderings (CO2 and Humidity)

  • Made default rendered Live Data badge text more readable

  • Added a method to change the text size of marker labels with setMapLabelTextSize(int textSize)

[3.9.0] 2021-05-17


  • The POI's label text is now centered on the locaiton, when no icon is shown

  • Search has been improved & the "near" parameter works as intended

  • Various bugfixes & stability issues


  • LiveData domains for temerapture & count added

  • LiveData topic for CiscoDNA positioning integration added

  • Fade-in effect on MapsIndoors tiles (enabled by default)

  • Set font styling of labels using setMapLabelFont() and setMapLabelTextSize() on the MapControl instance

[3.8.4] 2021-04-12


  • Fixed issue with location source being stuck

  • Fixed HTML routing instructions to align with iOS

[3.8.3] 2021-02-26


  • Fixed time zone related issue causing crashes on Android <7


  • Added method to acquire Live Data-style badged icons on MapsIndoors object (getBadgedAvailabilityIcon())

  • Added option to set a list of types or locations to search for, when using MPFilter

[3.8.2] 2021-02-4


  • Fixed a crash happening when targeting API level 30 and running on an Android 11 device.

[3.8.1] 2021-01-29


  • Address fields to Building

  • Added pink as the new standard selection highlighting color (to help visually impaired users)


  • Various bugfixes

[3.8.0] 2021-01-07


  • Support for booking


  • Made LiveData interfaces more intuitive and simpler.


  • Minor bugfixes and improvements

[3.7.0] 2020-10-22


  • Support for offline datasets via the DataSetManager

  • Rewrite of the internal networking layer, resulting in faster and more reliable networking

  • Rewrite of the internal file handling, improving file system usage and speed

  • Minor improvements

[3.6.1] 2020-10-15


  • Support for rendering polygons (i.e. Areas) through DisplayRules


  • Various bugfixes

[3.6.0] 2020-10-01


  • Support for Live Data added. Information and documentation about this new feature is available at Live Data Guide


  • Various bugfixes

[3.5.2] - 2020-07-15


  • Fixed an issue that could cause an IndexOutOfBoundsException if data got corrupted.

  • Issue causing MPApiKeyValidatorService to always return true, no matter the validity.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the FloorSelector to occasionally show outside the selected venue.

  • Fixed an issue that caused selections to be shown across floors.

  • An issue that occationally caused a crash when switching between travel modes in offline routing

[3.5.1] - 2020-07-07


  • Changed the getField() method in MPLocation to be case insensitive

[3.5.0] - 2020-06-16


  • Selection of default Floor when panning between Buildings


  • Locations disappear after applying Category Filter

  • Fixed an issue in the Floor Selector that prevented it from hiding in some cases

[3.4.0] - 2020-03-18


  • Feature: Ability to override a Location's display rule at runtime (in v2 this was achieved by using Location.setType( type )):

    • MapControl.setDisplayRule( displayRule, location | locations ): Sets a display rule on the given Location(s) that overrides the current ones being used.

    • MapControl.setDisplayRule( displayRuleName, location | locations ): Sets display rule (by its type - name) on the given Location(s) that overrides the current ones being used.

    • MapControl.getDisplayRule( location ): Retrieves the current display rule being used by the given Location.

    • MapControl.resetDisplayRule( location | locations ): Removes the override display rule on the given Location(s).

  • MPFilter.Builder.setIgnoreLocationActiveStatus( ignoreActiveToFromStatus ): Makes queries return Location that are marked as inactive using the "active from"/"active to" mechanism.

  • MPApiKeyValidatorService: added a couple of new methods:

    • checkAPIKeyValidity( apiKey, listener ): Checks the validity of the given MapsIndoors API key. The SDK doesn't need to be initialized in order to call this method.

    • validateAPIKeyStringFormat( apiKey ): Checks that the given API key string format is a valid one. This method only checks the string format.

  • Feature: RoomId has been replaced by ExternalId. The following methods have been added:

    • MPLocation.getExternalId(): Retrieves the externalId property, if available. Should be used instead of the now deprecated MPLocation.getRoomId().

    • MPLocation.Builder.setExternalId( externalId ): Sets a custom externalId (a db item id, etc.). This replaces MPLocation.Builder.setRoomId( roomId ).

    • Building.getExternalId() and Venue.getExternalId()


  • MPFilter.Builder.setIgnoreSearchableStatus( ignoreSearchableStatus ): Use MPFilter.Builder.setIgnoreLocationSearchableStatus( ignoreSearchableStatus ) instead.

  • MPLocation.getRoomId(): Use MPLocation.getExternalId() instead.

  • MPLocation.Builder.setRoomId( roomId ): Use MPLocation.Builder.setExternalId( externalId ) instead


[3.3.3] - 2020-02-25


  • Populate the right floor index for venues, buildings, floors search results locations.

[3.3.2] - 2020-01-29


  • Fix "Software rendering doesn't support hardware bitmaps" crash.

[3.3.1] - 2020-01-13


  • Fix default floor selector crash

  • Fix icons loading failure for icons hosted in firebase storage.

[3.3.0] - 2019-12-20


  • Support of searchable and activity bits for locations.

  • Default floor on buildings:

    • Building.getDefaultFloor(): Returns a building's default Floor, if any has been set from the CMS.

    • Building.getDefaultFloorIndex(): Returns a building's default floor index, if any has been set from the CMS. It will return Floor.NO_FLOOR_INDEX if the default floor is not available (Building.getDefaultFloor() == null).

    • Building.getFloorMap(): Returns a list of floor indices and localized names for the given building.

  • Custom fields, exposed in the following classes: Venue, Building, MPLocation, Category, POIType. If available, they can be retrieved by using getField( fieldName ).

  • Status data. For detailed info, please refer to the status bitfield description in our Integration API documentation.

    • The following methods are available in MPLocation:

      • getStatus(): Returns a status bitfield. For more info, please check the above link.

      • isActive(): If an element is not active, it will not be given to the apps.

      • isSearchable(): If an element is not searchable it might be shown on the map, but is not show up in searches.

  • Better Display Rule icon and label visibility control by using:

    • DisplayRule.getIconVisible()

    • DisplayRule.getLabelVisible()

    • LocationDisplayRule.Builder.setShowIcon( show )

    • LocationDisplayRule.Builder.setShowLabel( show )

  • New Floor selector:

    • Use the new interface (FloorSelectorInterface) to create a custom floor selector.

    • Turn on/off the floor selector (default or custom) using MapControl.enableFloorSelector( enable ).

    • Query the its current status with MapControl.isFloorSelectorEnabled().

  • New displaySearchResults overloads in MapControl :

    • displaySearchResults( inputLocations, animateCamera, cameraPadding, readyListener ).

    • displaySearchResults( inputLocations, animateCamera, cameraPadding, showInfoWindow, googleMapCameraUpdate, durationMs, googleMapCancelableCallback, readyListener ).

  • SolutionInfo.hasLanguage( language ) (usage: MapsIndoors.getSolutionInfo().hasLanguage( language )): Check if the given language is available in the current dataset.

  • MPMapsIndoorsLocationSource.updateLocations( updatedLocations ): Used to signal an update on the given MPLocation objects if the case the default Location Data Source is extended.

  • New methods in the Building class:

    • getFloorCount(): Current building total floor count.

    • getFloorMap(): A HashMap containing floor index (key), floor name (value) pairs. Note that the floor name is localized.

  • New shortcut methods in MPLocation to query for its geometry type: isLocationOfTypePOI(), isLocationOfTypeRoom(), etc.


  • MapControl.setFloorSelector( floorSelector ): It takes now a FloorSelectorInterface instead of a IFloorSelector.


  • dbglog.useDebug(): Use dbglog.enableDeveloperMode( enable ) or dbglog.enableDeveloperMode( enable, customTagPrefix ).

  • dbglog.isDebugMode(): Use dbglog.isDeveloperMode().


  • MapControl.setFloorSelectorType( FloorSelectorType ): The new interface only provides Building data for the current visible in the Map View (or the closest to the camera target).


  • General bug fixing.

  • Stabilizing many behaviours of the SDK.

[3.1.1] - 2019-05-27


  • Fixed some issues related to the deinitialization of MapControl and MapsIndoors (class)

[3.1.0] - 2019-05-21


  • Support for runtime (indoor tiles) map-style switching. Related methods added:

    • Venue.getMapStyles(): Gets a list of available map styles. Note that all venues share the map styles

    • Venue.getDefaultMapStyle(): Gets the default map style used by the SDK.

    • Venue.isMapStyleValid( MapStyle ): Checks the validity of the given map style

    • MapControl.getMapStyles(): Gets a list of available map styles. Note that all venues share the map styles

    • MapControl.getMapStyle(): Gets the current map style set with MapControl.setMapStyle( MapStyle )

    • MapControl.setMapStyle( MapStyle ): Sets the given map style as the current one. It can be invoked before or after MapControl.init()

  • Ability to change a Display Rule visibility at runtime. Related methods:

    • MapControl.getDisplayRules(): Returns the aggregated display rules

    • MapControl.getDisplayRule( type ): Returns the display rule with the given name, if any found

    • LocationDisplayRule.setVisible( show ): Sets this Location Display Rule to be visible (based on the zoom on/off values) or not (marker icon not shown)

  • MPLocation now exposes its Geometry by using:

    • MPLocation.getGeometry(): Retrieves the Geometry of an MPLocation (Point, PolygonGeometry, etc.)

    • MPLocation.getGeometryType(): Returns the Geometry type as a in integer value (Geometry.TYPE_POINT, (Geometry.TYPE_POLYGON, etc.)

    • MPLocation.setGeometry( polygonGeometry ): Sets the given PolygonGeometry as a location's Geometry

    • MPLocation.setLocationType( locationType ): Sets the location's type (poi, area, or room)

  • Location data status listener:

    • In version 3, POI data (Locations) loading is not in sync with other data such as buildings, venues, etc. Both MapsIndoors.synchronizeContent() and MapControl.init() callbacks will be invoked once all but Location data is ready to consume. We've added an separate method that sets a listener for Location data only (MapsIndoors.addLocationSourceOnStatusChangedListener()).


  • Clustering:

    • MapControl.setLocationClusteringEnabled( enable ) can be only invoked BEFORE MapControl.init(); doing so afterwards will throw an exception (if dbglog.useDebug() is set to true)

  • Updated the network layer so in case of network errors, will serve cached data when/where possible


  • Venue.getStyles(): Use Venue.getMapStyles() instead

  • Venue.getDefaultStyle(): Use Venue.getDefaultMapStyle() instead


  • Better handling of broken custom/advanced icon links.

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