User's Location as Point of Origin

iOS v4

Often you may want to get directions starting from a user's actual current position, instead of from another fixed Location. The following code snippet gives an example on how to implement this.

First, initialize a PositionProvider, which can be used with MPDirectionsQuery to achieve the desired result.

In order to use the PositionProvider to extract a MPPoint, you need to use mapControl?.positionProvider?.latestPosition?.coordinate. This will allow you to make a MPPoint, using the coordinates from the positionProvider.

if let userPosition = mapControl?.positionProvider?.latestPosition?.coordinate {
    let userPositionToMPPoint = MPPoint(latitude: userPosition.latitude, longitude: userPosition.longitude)
    let destination = MPPoint(latitude: 57.05803, longitude: 9.950509, z: 0.00)
    let directionsQuery = MPDirectionsQuery(originPoint: userPositionToMPPoint, destinationPoint: destination)
    let directionsService = MPMapsIndoors.shared.directionsService
    let route = try? await directionsService.routingWith(query: directionsQuery)
    let rendere = mapControl?.newDirectionsRenderer()
    rendere?.route = route

Further details on how user positioning works, and how to display it, can be found here.

This results in directions queries originating from the user's current location.

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